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6 Winter-Inspired Mobile Games Available on Google Play

6 Winter-Inspired Mobile Games Available on Google Play

by Priya

Winter is in full swing, and while that may mean bundling up and enduring the cold, it also means enjoying all of the fun winter activities. If you’re looking for a way to get into the winter spirit, why not try some mobile games that are perfect for chilly mornings or evenings? Whether you’re into puzzles, strategy, or just want to pass the time with a good arcade game, we’ve got something for everyone. So grab your phone or tablet and get ready to have some fun. Here are the top 6 winter-inspired mobile games available on Google Play which you can use cryptocurrencies to buy. 

  1. Alto’s Adventure

If you’re looking for a great snowboarding game with a gorgeous art style, Alto’s Adventure is a perfect choice. In this endless snowboarding game, you’ll snowboard down a mountain as far as possible without wiping out. As you play, you can perform tricks to earn points and break into combos to keep your multiplier going. Since it is an endless runner, the main goal is to see how far you can progress before wiping out. The game features beautiful graphics, and running through the snow never looked good. If you’re looking for a simple yet fun mobile game, Alto’s Adventure is perfect for any time of year, but it’s even more enjoyable during the winter season. You only need to buy Google Play gift card and get all the games you desire. Most people prefer buying gift cards and shopping with them compared to carrying cash. Alternatively, you can also buy cryptocurrencies and purchase the games later on. 

  1. Skiing Yeti Mountain

Skiing Yeti Mountain is a skiing simulator from the good people over at Madgarden. In this fun little arcade game, you play as a tiny yeti whose goal is to ski down a mountain and collect his friends who have been transformed into tasty treats by an evil witch. The game starts slow, with you only able to ski down the mountain at super slow speeds, but as you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock new friends and upgrade your abilities once you buy cryptocurrencies and use them to enhance the gameplay. With bitcoin, you can unlock different skiing styles like racing or freestyle, which each have their unique feel. If you’re looking for a simple game that is perfect for chasing away the winter blues, Skiing Yeti Mountain is worth downloading.

  1. A Good Snowman is Hard to Build

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build is a cute puzzle game from the team at Alan Hazelden. In this adorable mobile game, you’ll roll up snowballs and use them to build a snowman of your very own. The gameplay is simple but addicting since you have to get the snow just right for each step of the build to be successful. You’ll have to roll up a snowball, move it around for a bit until it’s just right, and then drop it on your snowman to get the perfect look. A Good Snowman is Hard to Build is an adorable game that will make you want to kiss all of your problems goodbye (at least until it’s time to build the next snowman).

  1. Ice Rage

Ice Rage is among the most fun arcade games from the people over at Ravenous Games. This retro hockey game offers simple controls, awesome pixel-art graphics, and fast-paced gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this ice skating game, you play as a mighty Viking who must beat his opponent to become champion, all while avoiding obstacles like exploding bombs. Ice Rage is a revamped version of the original arcade game and offers an online multiplayer mode where you can take on your friends or find random players to compete against. If you’re looking for a fun yet straightforward hockey game, Ice Rage is definitely worth checking out.

  1. Roller Polar

Roller Polar is a unique endless runner game from the developers at Uppercut Games. In this snowy mobile game, you play as an adorable polar bear who must collect food and ice cream while avoiding obstacles like rocks and other animals. To make things more interesting, Roller Polar gives you the ability to transform into three different animals to dodge the barriers easier. These animals include a seal, a fish, and lastly, a penguin which all have special abilities that are activated with the touch of a button. Roller Polar is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for an interesting endless runner game to play during the winter season.

  1. Snowball Fighters

Snowball Fighters is a fun multiplayer game from the developer over at Fluffy Fairy Games. In this crazy party game, you’ll use snowballs to knock out your opponents and become the last one standing. The gameplay is simple since all you have to do is move around and aim to throw your snowball. This mobile game is unique because you can earn different power-ups like speed and invisibility, which can give you an advantage over your opponents. You’ll also have to be quick on your toes since the gameplay is all about outsmarting your opponent. If you’re looking for a fun party game to play with your friends during the winter season, Snowball Fighters is worth checking out.


The winter season is a great time to get together with your friends and play mobile games. If you’re looking for a simple game like Skiing Yeti Mountain or an exciting multiplayer game like Snowball Fighters, there’s something out there worth checking out. You can find all these games on Google Play, buy bitcoin, and buy the game features. Even better, you can buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies and gift your friends so they can buy their preferred games. Stay warm and enjoy the snow. 

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