7 Beautiful Blues for Your Kitchen Cabinets

7 Beautiful Blues for Your Kitchen Cabinets
Written by Ragini Salampure

While white remains a reigning color in most kitchen décor trends, many homeowners have started to paint their kitchens in different shades of blue. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the color of the sky and the ocean imparts elegance and beauty when paired with other elements. 

There is a wide variety of blue shades that can make the kitchen the heart of your home. However, we have selected a few sophisticated yet beautiful ones that you can rely on to give your kitchen an elegant appeal. 

  • Sapphire Blue

While choosing the usual neutrals for your kitchen sounds like a safe approach, playing with a sapphire blue tone can be quite fun. If the idea still scares you, we have a safe way that you can go with.

Sapphire blue is a beautiful color, but it can make you feel like the space is closing in around you. To avoid this and have an open-air effect, choose to add color only to the lowers. Opt for sapphire blue colored cabinets in the lower space only. You can opt for lighter tones for the top portion of your kitchen cabinets. The blue cabinets will do an amazing job in this regard. They can have a regal effect on your kitchen’s ambiance.  

  • Navy

If you wish to go all out by adding a bold color to your kitchen and changing up its entire look, you will not regret choosing navy. It’s a powerful shade of blue that can give your kitchen décor a charming personality. 

If you want to completely revamp your kitchen, we recommend getting all your cabinets and shelves in this color. And if you are looking for a maximal kitchen, try adding checkered flooring in a contrasting or similar shade. 

  • Hague Blue

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a retro vibe, pick Hague blue for its cooler undertone. Add ceramic tiles if you’re choosing this shade of blue for your lower as well as upper cabinets.

Consider round wooded knobs instead of metal ones. They will go with the look of your kitchen and also save you a fraction of the cost. Not to mention, the warm tones in wooden knobs contrast well with Hague blue’s cooler undertone. 

  • Cobalt

It is the kind of color that does not cross a lot of people’s minds while choosing a shade for their kitchen cabinets. But this color will certainly add sophistication to your kitchen space while also making it very eye-catching. It will definitely make your guests do a double-take. 

You can choose to add it only to the lower cabinets if you want the area above your cabinets to appear taller. But if you wish to add a dramatic effect, you can add cobalt cabinets all the way to the top.

  • Electric Blue

This modern shade of blue instantly changes the entire look by adding an energetic personality to the space. You may want to add wooden knobs and timber countertops to complement the electric blue cabinets. The contrast may sound very intense, but it brings out the beauty of timber wood while ensuring the kitchen also has some color to it.

  • Deep Teal

Whereas deep teal is a shade very similar to navy, it dramatically partners with white finishes. If you want to add some blue to your kitchen but also keep the white, this may be the color you’re looking for. 

Navy colored cupboards with white walls and countertops will be a luxurious combination. It also works best with other lighter hues like ivory and light grey. Together, it will certainly add a royal aesthetic to your kitchen. 

  • French Blue

It is a cool modern-day color for antique-looking cabinets. Like navy blue, french blue also works best with neutral finishes. It also coordinates very well with light and dark shaded wood. It’s a friendly color to go with any metal of your choice. 

You can use french blue cabinets if you want to set up a farmhouse kitchen. Similarly, if you want your kitchen to impart a historical feeling, try this shade of blue. 

Pick different blues

For a different look, you can divide your kitchen cabinets into two different shades of blue. Choose a lighter one and a darker one. Opt for lighter hues when selecting top cabinets, while darker shades go well for cabinets near the bottom. 

Make sure you add contrasting elements like wooden knobs, metallic handles, or even flooring that pairs well with your choice of blue. Making the right color choices with respect to other parts of your kitchen décor can really help the space come together.  

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