Convert Your Word File to PDF Conveniently With GogoPDF

Convert Your Word File to PDF Conveniently With GogoPDF
Written by Paresh Bramhane

As you search for the best tool for altering your file format, there is no doubt that you would find GogoPDF on the list. GogoPDF is among the most reliable online tools today. You can convert and merge your PDF file using the most straightforward steps. Here are the swift procedures on how to convert and place a watermark on your PDF file: 

Convert Other File Formats to PDF

There are several reasons why you need to convert your file formats into PDF files. One example is that you can have an easy paper-to-digital conversion. Once your file is transformed into a PDF file, you will have the privilege of unaltered formats when printing it, unlike a Word document file.

Once you use Word documents when printing, the results would be terrible since some of your file’s format, such as spacing, lines, fonts, and indentions, will be altered. Also, a PDF file can compress into a file size that can easily be shared without affecting your file’s quality. Plus, it can take much less space on your hard drive. 

These are just some of the few reasons why you need to convert your file formats into PDF files. Once you understand the benefits of converting your file into a PDF, you would surely be eager to look for a tool online to help you with this task. However, always be mindful of what tool to use since various online tools are not dependable.

Always look for a top-quality file conversion tool such as GogoPDF. Using GogoPDF’s Word to PDF Conversion Tool, any Word document to PDF file conversion can be done in just a few clicks. To start, you must first choose a Word document file from your device and place it on the GogoPDF tool.

After that, let GogoPDF do the rest of the work. It will begin analyzing and converting your file into a PDF file. Once done, you can now begin downloading your newly converted file. You can also convert other file formats such as Excel, JPG, and PPT using the steps provided. GogoPDF ensures the best possible quality of your converted files! 

Add PDF Watermarks to Protect Your Files

Once you post a file on the internet, the first thing you need to have is to add protection to your file. Some people will have the guts of stealing your files from you. The worse thing is that they might use your file’s content for their good. That’s why you need to protect the intellectual property of your file. 

One method of adding protection to your files against online thieves is to place a watermark on your PDF file. With this, you can have full ownership of your file. Using GogoPDF’s AddWatermark To PDF Tool, putting a watermark to your PDF file is an easy task. 

The initial procedure that you need to do to begin the process is to choose a PDF file from your device and place it on GogoPDF’s system. After that, you can begin placing a watermark on your PDF file. You can choose a variety of watermarks such as images and text depending on your preferences. 

Once done, GogoPDF will start to analyze and add a watermark to your PDF file. The good thing about this tool is that the procedure will not consume a lot of time, especially if you have a strong internet connection at your workplace. Once the entire process is done, you can begin downloading your newly watermarked PDF file. 

Is GogoPDF Safe? 

Many of you will surely ask if GogoPDF is a safe and secure tool. The top priority of GogoPDF is to ensure that all of your file’s content will only be available for your eyes only. It is stipulated in its Privacy and Security protocol that your files will be deleted an hour after you finished your transaction with GogoPDF! 

Is GogoPDF Versatile? 

If you search for a tool that functions on many platforms, GogoPDF is undoubtedly the one you need to use. It can operate in different Operating Systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. Also, this web-based tool can be utilized using different browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. 


Converting your file formats and adding a watermark to your PDF file will surely be an easy task when using GogoPDF. If you are looking for other features, you can search GogoPDF’s website. Also, try to avail of their free trial promo for a limited period only! 

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