Different features of Demat account

Different features of Demat account
Written by Paresh Bramhane

The up-gradation in technology has put the world into a small box. Now the person can get the knowledge about anything right on their smartphones. It has made our lives more convenient than before. If you are a person that is interested in the stock market, then don’t worry the technology has done wonders in that as well. The Demat accounts are being introduced for the easy handling of shares and stocks in the market. Every person that wants to starts his trading, needs to get this account open first.

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According to the guidelines of SEBI, it is very easy to get the online Demat account opening. It requires some of the formalities which are being done right at the time of opening. Once you will get to open this account, you will be provided with great features. These are listed as below:

  • Easy access: Earlier the trading in the stock market was not at all easy. The person needs to talk to the broker if he wants to buy or sell any share in the market. But now the Demat accounts are easily accessed anytime and at any place. This makes it very convenient to get all the latest information about the market right on your computer or smartphone. You can easily see the up and down in the price of your investment.
  • Easy Dematerialisation of securities: In case the person already has some certificates of shares in the physical form, the person can get it changed in the electric form through a depository participant. The certificates of the shares will automatically start to reflect in the Demat account and make it very easy to track their performance in the market.
  • Easy share transfer: Earlier the share transfer process was very long and it used to have a lot of paperwork to do. But the Demat account has made all this process very easy to do. No the transfer of shares is a matter of few clicks on the system and there is no such requirement of the stamp duty transfer of the securities that are to be done in electric form.
  • Receiving stock dividends: It might be right to say that the Demat account has replaced all the time-consuming processes with easy-to-do things. Now the person can easily receive the dividend money right in his Demat account. It is extremely very convenient for the people to keep an eye on the bonus issues, rights, public issues, etc.
  • Loan against securities: A Demat account holder can easily get the loan against the securities that are in the Demat account. This is a great thing for the person who needs the money for some purpose.
  • Globalization of India: Demat accounts are playing a very important role in the globalization of the Indian stock market. It has attracted a lot of foreign investment in the market because dealing in the shares is quite easy with a Demat account.

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