Everything You Need to Know About Node Certification Training

Everything You Need to Know About Node Certification Training
Written by Madhuri Boinwad

Have you been thinking of getting an all-encompassing digital learning experience on Node.js? Then you are absolutely at the right place as here you can become a skilled Node.js developer just by enrolling in the course while following a few steps.

About Node Training Course

The Node Training course will take you through all the basic informative classes on Node.js writing and installing a full program application utilizing the Express module. You can learn to explore the process of leveraging Node.js in building useful scripts for front-end code splitting. Not only that, but you also get to learn about CommonJS and its utilization in both modern front-end web applications and Node applications.

How to get Node Certification?

Once you have passed your Node.js Online Training program by submitting all the required project work and assignments, you will get a signed certification of completing your course. You can use this Node certification to easily demonstrate your skills to employers to get better opportunities.

What do you get from the Training Course?

  • Ample learning opportunity about Node.js skills and code learning by performing actual coding
  • Understand encoding, middleware, encryption, filtering, and more with Express
  • Guided hands-on experience through exercises and more & immersive learning on Cloud Labs for 120+ hours.
  • Live interactive instructor-led classes for 24 Hours
  • Capstone Assignments & Projects
  • On-Demand & Self-Paced Learning
  • Recall Quizzes & Auto-Graded Assessments
  • Lifetime Access to the Courseware

Modes of Training

The node training workshop will be delivered through PRISM, which is an immersive learning platform via two modes of learning delivery:

  1. On-Demand Self-Learning
  • Learning as per convenience
  • Spend time as much required on a certain topic
  • Get many benefits from limitless educational possibility through lifetimes access
  • Immersive learning experience stays at your fingertips to refresh doubts at any time you require
  1. Blended Learning
  • Live and Interactive instructor-led classes as per your flexibility & convenience
  • Get clarified with your doubts from your instructor
  • Get to learn by collaborating with your peers’ experience about real-world activities & simulations.

Why Node Training Certification?

Being an open-course with a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment, it gives a learning experience on a framework that is highly accessible. It has become the most commonly used tool and has a high demand across industries like finance, media, e-commerce, travel, aeronautics, and retail. Moreover, the node.js can be installed quickly and is highly scalable. With over 60,000 modules in its NPM repository, the Node.js open-source becomes the fastest and largest growing software registry in the world. And by becoming a skilled Node.js developer, you can an average salary of $105,000.

Skills you will Gain

  • Build cutting edge server-side applications
  • Build network applications & servers
  • Build command-line tools & utilities
  • Create RESTful APIs & sophisticated backend
  • Using Express for building apps, prototyping, APIs
  • Build distributable packages & reusable modules
  • Incorporate session-based authentication strategies along with JWT.

Who can enroll in this Course?

  • Software Engineers
  • Web Developers
  • Novices who can meet the below requisites
  • Full-stack Developers
  • Backend Developers


  • Acquires basic knowledge of server-side development
  • Intermediate knowledge of working with JavaScript

So, to build client-side & server applications, getting Node certification can be the best option for you. Get yourself enrolled with this Node Training Certification Course and get opportunities to improve your coding skills.

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