Hot Picks: The 4 Newest Omega Watches You Should Buy in 2021

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Written by Paresh Bramhane

If you are looking for elegant and durable luxury watches on the internet, the Omega collections are always on the list. Omega has been providing the world with timepieces that come with sophisticated designs and functions. If you are searching for new models, you might want to check these new collections from the Omega watches.

If you are searching for an outstanding Omega watch, this model is the one for you. This watch was introduced in 2017 that comes from the famous Speedmaster series of Omega. It is also part of the limited edition timepieces collection of the Omega brand. You would surely be amazed by its alluring and unique futures.  

The casing of the Omega Speedmaster 311. is made with premium stainless steel that ensures durability, and the crystal of its container also comes with a refined mineral. The back of the casing is solid and has a size of 38.6mm and a lug width of 19 mm. 

The model also comes with a stunning black and analog-type dial along with arrow design hands. If you are searching for a precise timepiece, this model ensures that since its caliber is made with Omega 1861 caliber. It comes with various jewels that reduce friction and help the watch’s metal components rotate freely.

It has a manual type movement and has a diameter of 27 mm. Also, this watch has a 48 hours power reserve. The power reserves are the amount of energy that is situated in a watch’s mainspring. If you like adventures such as deep-diving, you will enjoy using this watch along with you. It is resistant to water for up to 60 meters deep! Buy it now!

  • Omega Seamaster

Here’s another new astonishing Omega watch that you should collect. This model comes from the famous Omega Seamaster series. The dial of this watch is hued in black that showcases elegance along with its luminous feature. This watch offers several outstanding features. 

It has a stainless steel case along with a stainless steel bracelet that showcases durability. It also has a sapphire crystal that makes its casing scratch-resistant. The back of its casing is transparent. Also, the case is round-shaped and has a diameter of 41 mm. The height of the casing is 14.65 mm, and the width is 21 mm. 

This model is undoubtedly precise and accurate since it is made with in-house Omega Calibre 8400. It has a 60 hours power reserve in total! The seconds’ hands of this watch are white in the center and a vintage luminescent feature. This model is resistant to water for up to 300 meters deep! 

  • Omega Speedmaster 522.

If you need a watch that comes with a unique design, this model is the one for you. This watch comes from the famous Speedmaster series of the Omega watch. It comes with a stunning silver dial. Its casing is round-shaped and made with premium stainless steel with a diameter of 42 mm.

This Speedmaster watch comes with 1861 caliber with manual winding. It comes with 18 jewels that ensure to make the metal component of the timepiece run effectively. This model has 48 hours of power reserve. Despite being part of the Speedmaster series, this watch can still resist water up 50 meters deep! 

  • Omega De Ville Hour Vision 

Another new model from the De Ville series of the Omega watch is the Omega De Ville 431. It has a black dial with a brushed finish. It also comes with Roman Numeral indexes and silver-toned hands. 

The casing of this watch is primarily made with premium stainless steel material. It comes with Sapphire crystal that makes the casing scratch-proof. It has a transparent back casing and has a diameter of 42 mm. The band of this model is made from high-quality leather. 

The model comes with Omega Calibre 9300 with automatic winding and has a 60 hours power reserve. This watch allows you to enjoy your sea-diving activity since it can resist water for up to 100 meters! 


Omega has consistently been producing top-quality timepieces since time immemorial. You can always trust this watch. Once you buy an Omega watch, always remember that you are not just buying the name but also the ideas behind these watches.

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