Need for Solving the ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers

Need for Solving the ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers
Written by Krutika Lohakare

Before the board exam, students require a lot of practice. The best way to practice is to solve the Class 10 ICSE Sample Papers. The best time to begin solving the sample papers is 2 months before the board exam. By this time, students have also completed their syllabus and have gone through the revision. Teachers also advise students to solve the sample papers before the board exam. It boosts their exam preparation and makes them feel confident during the board exam. It will help students to get better marks in their exam as the result of Class 10 decides the future goal of the students. Make it a habit of solving the sample papers regularly without fail.

Board exams have always been over-hyped by the students. They feel an overwhelming pressure of scoring high marks in the board exam. Due to which they tend to forget what they had previously learned. Most students go through this phase of exam anxiety. But, this exam fear can be overcome, if they are well-prepared for the exam. Sample Papers are based on the ICSE syllabus prescribed by the Board. Here, we have mentioned a few points which will help in understanding the need for solving the ICSE Class 10 Sample papers listed below are a few advantages of solving the class 10 ICSE board sample papers.

5 Significance of Solving ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Students

1. Give an Idea of Exam Pattern Marking Scheme

The sample papers are designed based on the actual exam pattern format. The number of questions and marks weightage allocated to each question is the same as expected to be asked in the exam. Thus, by solving the sample papers, students get an understanding of the exam pattern and the marking scheme. 

2. Help in Analysing the Important Topics and Expected Questions

The sample papers contain the questions which are most likely to be asked in the exam. The paper covers all the important topics of the syllabus. Suppose, a student solves the ICSE Class 10 English Literature Question Paper then these papers will cover some questions from the past year’s papers which were repeated in the exam. So, solving the sample papers gives students an idea on what to expect in the exam and what types of questions can be asked in the paper. 

3. Improve Speed and Accuracy

By solving the sample papers, students gain a good speed and thus are able to finish the paper on time. Also, by practising so many questions, their accuracy of solving the questions becomes high. So, the chances of doing them wrong in the board exam become less. 

4. Helps in Revision

Solving sample papers is a kind of revision. Students again go through the same concepts which they have studied during the academic session while solving the sample papers. They get to know the important topics from each chapter which are expected to be asked in the exam and need to be focussed more. Accordingly, they allocated more time to prepare such topics. These sample papers also give an overview of the ICSE board papers.

5. Boost the Confidence Level

When students solve lots of sample papers, they get confidence to face the board exam. By practising the sample papers, they have analysed their strengths and weaknesses. They have focussed on the weaker areas and work on them to improve their performance. Now, they become confident that their preparation is up to the mark, and they will perform their best in the board exam. 

After knowing the benefits of solving the sample papers, students must start solving the sample papers without wasting a single second. Also, they should analyse their mistakes and work on them to get a better result in the board exam. We wish all the best to students for their board exam preparation.

We hope students will find these tips helpful for solving the sample papers. Keep learning from your mistakes and work on them to improve overall performance in the ICSE board exam.

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