Omega Watches: 6 Picks For Watch Enthusiast

Omega Watches
Written by Paresh Bramhane

There have been several notable models along the way, including The Omega Speedmaster was the first watch to reach the moon. The Omega Seamaster remains the company’s longest-running product line, which is celebrating its centennial. Omega watches, like other well-known ranges, have a long and successful history. Here are some of the best models that you should check out! 

The highly fashionable Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M is a stunning watch with a black dial and Arabic numerals that pay tribute to Omega’s dive watch origins. It is built from a 43.5mm stainless steel case with a bio-ceramic bezel finished that adds up to its sleek look.

It includes an alveoli screw-in case and rubber straps that add to its sleek design. If you love to swim or submerge in water, this water is water-resistant up to 600 meters. It also features a sapphire crystal that allows it to be scratch-resistant. This watch has passed the METAS test and achieves the Master Chronometer status.

  •  Seamaster Diver 300M

This model was successfully launched in 1993. The Omega Seamaster Diver 300M features a combination of a contemporary and traditional dive watch. If you’re looking for that design where it showcases a laidback design but has a touch of modern innovation, this watch is ideal for you.

It is made of stainless steel and 18k gold that stunningly gives everyone a good impression at first glance. The black ceramic bezels and polished dials just add to its perfection. YOu can never go wrong with the features of this watch and as well as the undeniably stunning design that we all are looking for.

  • Speedmaster chronograph

Also known as the Omega moon watch since 1969, this watch model from Omega has gained popularity until now. The Omega Speedmaster chronograph is considered the pioneer watch of all the Omega watch collections. And, this is also one of the watch models that the brand is so proud of.

The watch features a grey dial and white hour markers. It also features a Super-Luminova hand that makes the watch exquisitely stunning. It has a polished 18K Sedna gold bracelet that will surely catch everyone’s eye. The watch’s inner ring is made of alloy in a rose gold-tone that complements the silver bracelet and grey dial.

  • Speedy Tuesday

This watch is a tribute to the 1971 TV show in Japan titled ‘Return of Ultramen’. Even at first glance of this watch, you can already tell that it has a touch of Japan from the selection of this model’s color. It looks contemporary compared to the first watches mentioned above. This watch is made from a stainless steel case and has a black aluminum bezel.

The ‘tachymeter’ is in orange color that matches the black dial. Its minute track and dots are also in an orange tone so people can easily see it. This watch model is a limited edition and only released 2,012 pieces. It’s bracelet is a NATO black and orange strap that gives it a unique look among other Omega watches.

  • Globemaster

This model is considered as the legend in Omega watch collections. Today, it has been famous as the first master chronometer. It is made from a stainless steel case of the Omega constellation and has a bezel made of 18K Sedna gold. The super luminova hands and indexes just make the watch look fantastic. 

This watch’s dial is created in a ‘Pie Pan’ style that pays tribute to the Omega constellation model in 1952. Its bracelet has curved links and is made from 18K Sedna gold. The caliber just makes this watch top of the line and also features an anti-magnetic innovation that will surely amaze its user. 

  • De Ville

This watch is an ideal gift to your wife, partner or even your mother, this watch will genuinely amaze every woman as it has a modern design and has diamonds on it. It’s a ladies’ watch that has an ultra-slim 18K sedan gold case. It features a diamond on its side. The crown is also made of a single diamond that contributes to the luxurious look of this watch.

In A Nutshell

Omega watch has been in watchmaking for a long time, and the history of this watch is undeniably impressive. If you have this on your wrist, you can also feel like you’ve traveled on the moon or played the role of James Bond. It has many stories to tell, and people love things that have value and incredible history.

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