3 Reliable Tools to identify plagiarism in academic writing

3 Reliable Tools to identify plagiarism in academic writing

In recent years, we have observed how plagiarism has hit people in the academic and online worlds. Various online blogs and universities struggle hard to develop awareness among learners and authors to support honesty in their particular works and ignore copied stuff. Different varieties of plagiarism are present around us. From the most harshly changes your career (intentional) to the one observed most, usually in every third writer’s work (accidental). 

There is no wonder that originality is the key driver to progress in educational and online systems. Suppose you genuinely want to ensure that your writing carries no plagiarism traces and not even random copied material. In that case, you will require to use the plagiarism checkers.

The online plagiarism checker tools can quickly recognize the copy content. A user has copied another person’s complete efforts and pass it off as their own. But, what to do about accidental plagiarism? 

That’s where advanced plagiarism tools can help you in this matter, and we are continuing to discuss them in this post. So, stay tuned and read on!

Top 3 Best Advanced Online Tools to Check Plagiarism!

The world of technology moves to the next level as multiple online aids are freely accessible on the web to promote quality and develop originality in people’s content. The bitter fact is that many people ignore and are unfamiliar with these online services, so they face many difficulties today. We do not want you people to mess up around understanding all tools and techniques. 

We want to update our readers on the modern and most valuable tools that are becoming nearly necessary. Below we are going to cater the list of three most reputable tools selected best for academic writing. If you want to maintain your grades and intellectual integrity, then flip through the details!


It is a top-notch and brilliant duplication checker, providing a 100% free service to check plagiarism in a single click! This free plagiarism checker is living as a fantastic and speedy aid that could deliver accurate reports about your text in seconds. 

The similarity checker by is one of the most prominent platforms giving its users top-notch duplication-checking features. It is an excellent free plagiarism checker to detect plagiarism for both writers and students. Users can begin using this medium without encountering any problem, as the signing in and signing up process isn’t mandatory. It’s a user-friendly web-based plagiarism tool that enables anyone to scan for plagiarism in a matter of instants without installing any special software on your devices. The authentic results will be in your hands in no time!

  • To run your text through this plagiarism tool, follow the below-listed steps!
  • Get access to any of your favorite browsers, search for
  • Now, copy-paste the text or upload your content in the given space.
  • After that, hit the PLAGIARISM CHECK button, and the tool will handle the rest!

While exploring for a handy duplication checker on Google results, you will come to SmallSeoTools on the top. Like the tools mentioned above, SmallSeoTools is also a cost-free and user-friendly tool providing a high-quality service easily accessible for your help round the clock. There is no limitation on the extent frame in which you can utilize this online utility service. It has a safe, clean, and secure environment that is satisfying the users entirely. This plagiarism checker tool has two main versions, including cost-free and paid ones (deep check). 

Undoubtedly, the paid version comes up with high-level features and examines your text deeply to recognize the minor appearance of copied stuff. The tool can match your text from all around the web and displays results in percentages. It is a plus point about this tool that proves very useful for learners as they support a particular portion of copyright. There is no denying that the service will deliver authentic and accurate reports within instants that a user can look at fixing the plagiarized parts directly!


Last but not least! SearchEngineReports is another excellent online website providing a complete bunch of cost-free SEO tools and text analyzer tools. It is living as a top-performing online plagiarism checker tool that delivers authentic reports about the entered text by providing scores, percentages, and matched sources! You can utilize this place to scan for duplication whenever and wherever you want. You can quickly drop your files by choosing them from Google Drive; instead of copy-pasting the text to conduct a plagiarism test! The accurate and accessible report will be in front of your device’s screen in a matter of a few moments. It will likewise, you will be able to recognize the plagiarized parts in your text. 

So, this is how the use of tools mentioned above can help you in academic writing!

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