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Why use these applications?

We need to upgrade our framework for keeping track of our employees’ salaries in this hectic world. We’ll need a modern wage framework for this. Pagarbook and Apni Dukan are some of the salary applications available on the Play Store. Over the last six months, PagarBook has doubled its registered user base to 4 million SME owners while also launching a staff management software in English, Hindi, Hinglish, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bangla, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. Odia was last seen in 2020.

PagarBook is a free app for handling staff, jobs, and payroll. Keep track of your workers and your staff’s jobs, as well as their salaries. This app can also track payments and advances. Pagar Book’s cash book feature allows you to handle your employees’ salaries as well as your company’s accounting in the same app. Its salary planner is intelligent, and it can automatically measure salaries, overtime, advance payments, and other employee expenses. A salary calculator can also calculate and serve as a payroll manager. Pagar Book is an ideal and detailed accounting and bookkeeping solution for any company. PagarBook: Participation, Job & Wage Management has been downloaded by over 10,000 Android users. GyanApp is the developer of this app.

Mistakes that can be avoided –

  • Avoid the traditional method of maintaining records and prevent any mistakes.
  • Make your business digital and increase efficiency instead of assigning labour for this work.
  • Avoid mistakes in recording the data – Human errors 
  • Such an app provides more features to make your business flawless and limitless.
  • Avoid any loss of data and guarantee confidentiality at par. 
  • Save your time and money. 
  • Keep your documents digital to save office space and avoid maintaining fat files. 

PagarBook is ideal for the following industries:-

  • Hospitality & Restaurants to handle staff, wages, and payroll.
  • The manufacturing industry, Garage, Car Repair Shops, and auto dealerships provide a quick and convenient solution to manage their company and employees.
  • Beauty parlours, Salons, or spas to manage their employee, wage, and accounts and ledger book of their business.
  • Supermarkets, electronics stores, furniture stores, and the garment industry to keep track of their large and diverse employees, as well as their monthly or weekly salary or payout.

In just a few simple steps, you can start using PagarBook:

  • Login and register the company
  •  Add pay cycle and shift details
  • Add Staff Details – Name and Phone Number
  •  Create a list of employees with their salaries and contact information
  • Add Payment Type – Monthly, Weekly, Hourly or Work Basis
  • Add Salary or Payment Amount
  • Add Opening Balance i.e. any pending or advance amount
  • Mark Attendance – absent, half-time, leave, holiday 
  • Add Payment way
  • Add all advance / pending balances over the course of a month
  • Download Payslip
  • Automated reminders of all transactions between the owner and the employee – Monthly / weekly summaries and reports

What are the advantages of using PagarBook to avoid mistakes in your day to day business –

  • Staff attendance can be recorded and tracked by users.
  • Users should keep track of their employees’ salaries.
  • Users will also keep track of the specifics of any advance or pending payments.
  • Users may also split their employees on a regular, weekly, or work-by-work basis.
  • Submit an automated message to workers reminding them of their absence or payment.
  • Users can easily build, import, and share various reports.
  • There are nearly ten language interfaces, including Hindi, English, Gujarati, Punjabi, and others.

Summing up

We Hope you loved reading the article. Thanks for sharing your valuable time with this article. I hope you’ll definitely make your business go digital with such great applications. 

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